About West Devon Tai Chi
West Devon Tai Chi was formed in 
September 2015; with Mandy Moor 
as local instructor and guide.
Mandy’s love and passion for Tai Chi and Chi Kung began many years ago. Her fascination and journey of Tai Chi has led her to dedicating her life to the practice of Chen Style, as taught by Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.

Tai Chi is a way of life for Mandy and she is totally committed and focused on  practising to further her knowledge and understanding. 
Mandy Moor

She regularly trains with her mentor Ben Milton, of Bristol School of
Tai Chi Chuan, 
at his monthly seminars. 
Ben's  Workshops 2020 (at Bratton Clovelly)Saturdays ~ May 30th & October 31st are On-Hold
Mandy’s aim is to promote Tai Chi in a simple and relaxed way so everyone,
regardless of age and physical ability, can enjoy the immense benefits
of this ancient and intelligent art.