West Devon Tai Chi

West Devon Tai Chi started in September in the village of Bratton Clovelly,  just west of Dartmoor. Groups are run and instructed by Mandy, a patient and talented instructor. 

Mandy has been practising Taiji for many years and in the About Us section of the Website you can find out more about her. She is an excellent teacher and has a lot of patience and understanding. She encourages the members of the group to participate in the exercises to the level of their fitness and abilities and not to overwork themselves.

The group, of 18 as I write this in November 2015, is of mixed ages (up to 70s) and physical abilities, and all have commented on how Tai Chi has improved their ability to move and relax and sleep after a session. So there is quite a lot of enthusiasm and desire to continue practising Tai Chi.

The learning of the 'Form', as it is known, has been interesting with some of the group picking up the 'Postures' quite quickly and then helping other members of the class by working in small groups.
One of the advantage of this is that newcomers can just slot into the sessions without joining a 'Starter Class'

So if you are reading this and you are in the West of Dartmoor area on a Tuesday evening ~ why not 'Drop-In' and visit us....

Kerry ,            (New to Tai Chi since Sept 2015)