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Walk in Balance

posted 22 Dec 2018, 02:38 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 22 Dec 2018, 02:39 ]
 Balance, both outer and inner, is an ongoing process on the Taiji journey. More and more I observe people coming to the classes who are in a state of inner turmoil which never truly allows us to rest. This inner turmoil is the ego and only by passing over the personal dimension of the ego can equanimity and inner harmony come into being. Chen Xiaowang’s greatest quotes-‘half the mind on the form, half the mind empty’-is very challenging to achieve as the ego does not want to stop the relentless chatter that creates our thought patterns. The ego can certainly get in the way of learning Taiji and negativity can soon creep in when people realise that it is very challenging and frustrating at times. It teaches us so much about ourselves and eliminating the imbalances within us has to be the biggest lesson. To ‘walk in balance’ can be compared to a complete meditative wakefulness-harmonizing with nature and the laws of the universe and observing your life from a higher perspective.          
Learning the routine (form) is the ‘vehicle’ to finding balance-body,chi,emotions,anger,depression-to know yourself  (Chen Bing) 

The last class of the year at Bratton Clovelly fell very nicely on the Winter Solstice so I threw an invite out for a Taiji Solstice gathering earlier this month. Personally, I celebrate this more than Christmas so it was nice that so many were able to come along. A guest appearance from my dear friend, Adrian Brooks, who very kindly led us through a lovely meditation, was a tranquil closure to the classes for 2018.

Throughout the year there have been a few people drop out but also many new people join-it always seems to balance out somehow! To everyone, thank you for your continuous support of the classes and workshops throughout the year. There would be no West Devon Tai Chi without you! I am very much looking forward to continuing our Taiji journey in 2019.

Wishing you all a Happy Winter Solstice and a peaceful New Year