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The More I Learn, The Less I Feel I Know

posted 1 Feb 2020, 20:51 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 29 Feb 2020, 07:10 ]

Last Sunday was Ben’s first workshop of 2020 with a mix of improvers and raw beginners. As usual, I always come away with something to mull over whilst driving home and, on this occasion, it was how little I know. I have embraced this sense of ‘knowing so little’, seeing it as being positive rather than negative. I feel I have progressed a little since I first took up Taiji-beginning to understand the basics and not just aimlessly waving my arms about quite so much now! I have also learnt that staying humble, having a beginners’ mentality, an ever-inquiring mind and the urge to know more are an important part of the journey. The key to success is yourself!

At first, I take Tai Chi up as a hobby, 
Gradually I become addicted to it, 
Finally, I can no longer get rid of it. 
I must keep on practising for my whole life-it is the only way to preserve life 
The more I practice, the more I want to learn from teachers and books. 
The more I learn, the less I feel I know. 
The theory and philosophy of Tai Chi is so profound and abstruse! 
I must continue forever and ever… 
It is the only way to improve and better myself. 
Master T. T. Liang 

Our next workshop with Ben is on Saturday 14th March and is a great opportunity for us to learn just a little bit more! 

Imbolc blessings to you all