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Summer Days

posted 30 Jun 2016, 10:08 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 30 Jun 2016, 10:10 ]
Despite all the rain it has been a bright few months for West Devon Tai Chi. In April we had our first workshop which was well attended. A tremendous amount of learning was had by all…me included! Another workshop is to be held on 16th July and they look to become regular events in our Tai Chi calendar. A must date for each person’s calendar is the 5th November, when my mentor and excellent teacher, Ben Milton, will be hosting a workshop here at Bratton Clovelly. This will be such a fantastic opportunity for everybody to be totally inspired by his words and his demonstration of Tai Chi. It will be a great day for us all!

The rain poured for the summer fete, but it did not dampen our spirits or determination to display our demonstration of the short form we had been learning. Environmental conditions were not ideal as we squeezed into the village hall but we had a captive audience as we performed the Tai Chi moves.  A warm thank you for all that bravely participated in the demonstration. Being able to keep calm and focused in any situation is one of the many teachings that Tai Chi brings into your life, so well done everyone.

A few weeks I was sent a random text message asking if there was any chance of starting a class in Lydford. I just rolled with the idea for a while to see where it was going and it has now led to the first class starting there on the 4th July. Hopefully, the enthusiasm of the group of people who requested the class will keep it flowing. Many thanks to Adrian Brook, the vicar, for his support in getting this first Lydford class underway.

As the classes in the village continue to bring new faces in, everyone is encouraged to stay in the moment, and learn what the moment brings. This is extremely challenging but it is the only way to be completely balanced in all aspects of your life. Tai Chi teaches us so much about ourselves physically and emotionally; let it become your companion on your life’s journey. Go with the flow and enjoy moving along!