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Sowing the Seeds

posted 4 Apr 2018, 07:44 by Mandy Moor   [ updated 18 Apr 2018, 09:25 by WestDevon Tai Chi ]

This posting is dedicated to the community of Lifton who have embraced Taiji with bundles of enthusiasm. March Ist brought the full force of winter in with it and despite my partner telling me I was mad (nothing unusual there!) I decided to go ahead with the first class. Fortunately, the roads were fine first thing and I was so pleased I listened to my heart as about 18 people walked through the door. Throughout March that number has not diminished and new faces are continuing to drift in. I have no expectations and the nature of Taiji often sees a drop out of people as the weeks pass. This is mainly due to many realising that it is physically and mentally challenging to learn Taiji and not just a delicate form of movement where the arms wave around.  Taiji is a journey of self discovery and teaches you a tremendous amount about yourself, your postural alignment and how you move generally. This can be wonderful and disconcerting all at the same time! 'Letting go' is one of the most challenging aspects of the learning; although that goes hand in hand with your life journey too! With all that said, maybe the wonderful smiling faces that have greeted me at Lifton, for the last five weeks, will not follow that trend of 'dropping out' and stay on the never ending journey to discover the wonders of this art for themselves. 

I am a great believer in synchronicity and the power of thought. It enables me to flow with life and all the changes that it brings.  Prior to the first class at Lifton, my dear friend, Yuri Leitch, had been in my thoughts and how it would be brilliant to get him to do a workshop here.  I met Yuri when I moved to Glastonbury in 2012 and he introduced me to Chen style and also to Ben Milton. A shy, humble man and a gifted teacher and, as the weeks passed, it soon became clear to me that our paths crossing was another synchronicity on my journey. Having not had any contact in the last 2 years, I was amazed to see him walk through the door at Lifton three weeks ago. He greeted me with, "just on my way to Truro to see my Mum, checked out where you were doing a class and thought I would drop in." A wonderful moment and great to do a little demonstration together of the first six moves for everyone. This brief, but meaningful, 'dropping in' has paved the way to  Yuri doing a workshop at Bratton Clovelly on Saturday 19th of May.  So the 'seeds had been sown' without me making it happen! I will be encouraging everyone to come along, enjoy the moment and what it brings and to experience, firsthand, Yuri's unique understanding and philosophy of Taijiquan through many years of self exploration. 

Spring Equinox blessings to you all and a heartfelt thank you to the Lifton community and to Sally Old who 'sowed the first seed' when she suggested many months ago about starting a class at the new centre.