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Pushing Hands with Life

posted 16 Aug 2017, 02:32 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 17 Dec 2017, 08:25 ]
July saw another workshop take place in the village. On this occasion, it was a great pleasure to have Tom and Helen, Exeter School of Tai Chi, as the guest tutors, plus four of their students. This workshop was taking the group into the unknown- the basics of Tai Chi Push Hands (Tui Shou)
In solo forms, Tai Chi is a way to understand one’s self. It is a way to feel the internal flow of energy, as well as any internal tension. There is no opponent except the ego and whatever negative thoughts, heavy emotions or internal demons arise within. With Push Hands, one must deal with external forces in addition to whatever internal stress one carries. Rather than feeling simply the air, one has a direct experience of the force and energy from one’s practice partner.  Push Hands is practised in a non-threatening and co-operative way by using different routines so that one can practice absorbing, neutralising, and redirecting outside forces whilst maintaining the principles and techniques one has worked so hard to develop. This form of Push Hands is useful for all Tai Chi students, even those without an interest in the martial aspects of Tai Chi. It tests your ability to root and to remain relaxed and balanced, despite whatever forces are coming in from the external environment. How important that is when faced with challenges that life throws at us! Tom and Helen led us through single and double handed routines, also giving us some superb martial demonstrations. It was a fun three hours and thoroughly enjoyed by all that participated. We are looking forward to having them back here again next year.
Although numbers have dropped off in the Bratton Clovelly classes there still remains a core of dedicated ones that keeps the cost of the hall covered. Many thanks to you all for your continuous support! The Lydford class has been running a year now and it is great to see such a brilliant turnout every Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, Jess could not keep the ‘Catch Up’ class going due to numbers but I am sure her dedication to learning will take her a long way on her Tai Chi journey. There is a possibility of a new class starting up in Lifton in the near future. I have been invited to a tour of the the new Community Centre when the builders hand over the keys.  The doors are due to open in October, so we will just ‘roll with it’ and see if the doorway opens for West Devon Tai Chi and the Lifton community.