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Nature Heals

posted 27 Aug 2020, 02:22 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 27 Aug 2020, 02:23 ]

 It is always nice when someone is happy to write a few words to add to the journal. We are all on a journey together with Taiji and hearing how it helps others, whether it be for the learning of Taiji or for the social interaction, greatly inspires me to keep offering these sessions. I would like to share the words from Roy, who gave me inspiration at a time when I was questioning within myself whether to carry on with the sessions. After talking with him and listening to how coming back to Taiji was helping him in so many ways, the question was answered. 
 To Mandy and Lifton Tai Chi students - I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone for your support in my recovery after suffering a stroke last January. It has been great talking to you all and it has been such a help in the mental side of getting better. I am so grateful to have Mandy to talk to, as well as the rest of the group. It is also been special and beneficial to practise Tai Chi in Lifton Park, by the river and next to the trees, as it has helped the physical side to my recovery as well as the mental. The help it has given me has been immense-yours sincerely, Roy

The intense emotional upheaval and pain which dominated much of my childhood and adult life up until a few years ago, taught me something about our human spiritual connection that, in my experience, is completely undervalued by our Western society. Nature heals-it has restorative powers. I often ponder this particular value. I wonder how many hours of therapy I have saved myself, how much time and money. Nature was, and continues to be, my salvation. The non-judgemental world helps you to look within and do the healing and surviving yourself.

The outdoor sessions are proving to be very healing for so many. Roy said to me he would find it extremely hard going back into a hall - I have to agree with him!

Keep well and strong in mind and body

Love and peaceful blessings