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Life Change by Jess Harrison

posted 4 May 2017, 04:34 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 5 May 2017, 06:32 ]
How Tai Chi has Changed My Life 

I am an 18 year old farmer, whose hobby is horse riding. Tai chi has taught me many things and benefited me in many different ways. I can now see Tai Chi is not just something you do in a class, but if you practice enough it makes you realise bringing it into your daily life can makes things easier. Take lifting heavy objects as an example; if you bend down into your knees, over time your knees will start to feel it. However, if you sit into your hips and come up underneath the object, the strain is being distributed to lots of joints so they all take some of the strain. 
 I went to my first Tai chi class with my Mum. I said to her that I would not like it and it would be the first and last time! Well, as normal, I came away looking like an idiot and carried on going until a few weeks became eight months. I do a lot of horse riding and, since doing Tai Chi, I have found that my body, posture, position and balance has improved tremendously. 
After practicing Tai Chi for this long I have found I can connect with my inner self, as if there is another person inside me that I never knew existed. Not only that, but I have learnt how to have a true connection with my horses.  It is the most amazing feeling, as if we can read each other’s minds. 
So you see, Tai Chi is not all about the physical aspects but, also, about mindfulness. It teaches you to be more aware, how to stay calm and to just roll with it rather than fight it. For me, working with my Mum can get very difficult, but over these last eight months I have learnt to stay calm in heated moments and just walk away instead of arguing.  I have also learnt that to roll with life, and the challenges it throws at you, means you do not get depressed or frustrated. One of the groups I go to, everyone has said how much I have grown as a person; some say it is like I have come out of my shell.

Tai Chi is brilliant for forgetting things, because while you are doing it, all you think about is where this foot is going or where that hand is supposed to be. So it gives you a break from the day to day stresses and problems caused by life. 
I am proud to be someone who does Tai Chi because I know it is a benefit to me, my horses and others, and really that means more to me than anything. 
Jess Harrison- Tai Chi Student