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Learning with a Humble and Free Mind

posted 30 Apr 2019, 09:05 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 30 Apr 2019, 09:07 ]
As my Taiji journey progresses and I am very slowly gaining an understanding of this wonderful, intelligent art and its philosophy, am I fully beginning to appreciate the teachers/mentors that crossed my pathway in the early years. They all passed on great wisdom not only about Taiji but life in general. The one often foremost in my thoughts is Marcus Hayward, who I met in 1998 whilst living in Colchester, Essex. Just to observe Marcus walking down the street was a sight to behold-he just seemed to float along. Of course, I realise now that it appeared that way as he had minimal tension in his body! I recall him saying-“we need to go back to being like children again.” Never fully understood that comment in those early days but certainly do now as I observe Bella, my 3 year old granddaughter. Her natural movement has been, and still is, a joy to behold-her centre of gravity is centred and low, her squatting is perfect, there is no tension or stress in her body- and, to top it all, she has no ego! The disconcerting thing is we all had this freedom of movement but from an early age, probably once we started school and sat for longer periods of time, bad postures crept in that became, and still are for most of us, habitual. Marcus passed on many ‘pearls of wisdom’ in the 3 years I did Taiji and Reiki  with him, now 20 years later, they are helping me so much in my own practice.

I feel extremely fortunate in this part of my journey to be training, not only with Ben, but with Tom and Helen-Exeter Tai Chi. It is great to be able to experience and spend time training with all of them, as they each have something different to offer and tips to pass on from their own Taiji journey. In March, Tom and Helen spent 8 days training with Chen Ziqiang (nephew of Chen Xiaowang) and when I attended their April workshop they were able to pass on so much to help improve my own approach to learning and practising. The link below is a short video clip of the seminar they attended with Chen Ziqiang.

I have also found that when you come together at workshops there are always little tips or advice to pass on to each other. There is a great sense of being as one and nowhere for egos to take prominence. For me, Tai Chi is a very humbling experience, you learn so much from your mistakes and there is no place for the ego-you have to let it go. If you get an opportunity to learn and train with other teachers/instructors grab it; it is your own journey and everyone has some ‘pearls of wisdom’ to pass on.

Keep the mind humble and free so that it may remain receptive to good advice

( I Ching - Book of Changes )

Thank you all for your continuing support and kind words. Sharing and learning with you is a great experience for me, and as I often say- there would be no West Devon Tai Chi without you!

Happy Beltane blessings to you all.