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lazy about tying coat (lazily tying coat) Jo Cornwell

posted 11 Apr 2018, 06:09 by Mandy Moor   [ updated 2 Jun 2018, 04:09 by WestDevon Tai Chi ]

      the right hand is a fist    unclenching    leaving the cup of the other   and

      threading upwards    for a moment straight    precise    as if aiming for

      a needle    then turning    palm outwards    as does the other    (air almost

      tangible)    and my hand is now    pulling through water    as an oar

      pulls through water    I have felt this     it is all slow    it is for ever    and

      now    as both hands turn     palms upwards    and come together   crossing

      to make    wings   and these wings    draw inwards     as if feathers are shelter

      for a heart     as I step out     and the wings open    to let the other hand

       remember the body    and fall unwillingly    down it    while the right hand -

       the one that was a fist       gestures outwards      towards        a pause

In classes both at Bratton and at Lydford, I have spent more time in the last two years going over the initial moves of the form. Lazily tying coat is a favourite move of mine.

Lazy is slow-moving. Suggestive of a river. I often think of water when I'm doing Tai Chi - and Mandy often suggests 'to flow with it' when describing movement in Tai Chi and in life in general. 

I want the rooted, mindful movement of Tai Chi. The quietening of the mind from outer chaos towards a stillness; inherent within. Even a knowing, or an allowing of the busy state of the mind feels like a step into the flow of stillness. 

It is an absolute blessing to have Mandy's classes on the doorstep. I thank her always for her generous spirit; her sharing of her practice and this way of life.