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posted 16 Jan 2020, 02:46 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 16 Jan 2020, 03:41 ]
Happy New Year everyone! Great to see you all getting back into the swing of the classes after the festive break. There was 24 at Lydford on Monday-most we have ever had there! 

Taiji is a wonderful and boundless journey and although it is important to find your own inspiration from within, sometimes inspiration from others, whether it be words or actions, can help us on the way. I was very inspired by an interview with Master Chen Bing and was going to pick out a couple of the questions to share with you but every answer he gave, to all the questions, were so inspiring and relevant to our learning that I decided to include them all. Here is a taster for you to check out, the rest are the video page of the website. 

Why would someone decide to start practising TaiChi?

I will be training with Ben on the 26th January at Bristol, so another day of inspiration as we explore the foundation exercises-Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation), Chan Si Jing (silk reeling)and the first part of the Laojia Yilu in the morning, Push Hands and Laojia Erlu training (cannon fist, a much faster routine!) in the afternoon. I am always buzzing with anticipation when one of Ben’s workshops draws near as another opportunity to pick up a ‘little gem’-maybe two or three this time! 

Last week, a gentleman said to me- ‘I see Taiji as a companion on my journey’-words that ring so true in my heart too. Looking forward to stepping further on the journey with you all in 2020.