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Initial Thoughts of a Novice Tai Chi Geek!

posted 22 Mar 2019, 07:54 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 30 Mar 2019, 03:03 ]
When Mandy initially suggested I pen something for this journal my reaction was to resist, journals are just too revealing. But after musing for a while my recurring thought was “why not?!” The experience of encountering even the initial stages of Tai Chi and Qi Gong have significantly affected my life, both physically and emotionally...

So, what have I learned over the past twelve months: well, it’s a great way to make friends and part of the reason sessions are so enjoyable is the wonderfully supportive atmosphere. I find this frees me mentally to enable the focus to be on the ‘mind half on the form and half empty’ and travelling to the rear of the head thing - still so demanding but the occasional moment of bliss can be achieved and trace memories of those rare and special times stay in my mind. I find being in the moment, excluding all else, can feed both the soul and the personality, affecting and benefiting all aspects of life through calmness and balance.

Secondly, it is fantastic to have found a form of exercise that doesn’t preclude me due to physical restrictions. Life experiences affect and alter the ways in which we’re able to use our bodies - this never crossed my mind in younger times, but now I’m reminded dozens of times each day. But now I’m learning to work with my body, using my limited knowledge to be confident and ambitious within those limitations. I've recently been up the loft ladder and been able to kneel down, both not achieved since my accident in 2004! Any Tai Chi movement can be adapted, I find it takes thought and time, generally because my ego gets in the way!

Thirdly, it is an absolute joy to attend sessions where the instructor is so committed to her task. I find Mandy’s dedication to her chosen path both admirable and inspiring, she is able to guide widely diverse groups of individuals towards a common goal. No one need feel self-conscious or inadequate, we are what we are, together to learn. I’ll take this opportunity to thank Mandy for what sheʼs giving me week by week, with all my heart.

Lastly, it’s not overemphasising it to say that Tai Chi is effecting my whole life, it weaves in and out of every days activities so that practice doesn’t become a matter for guilt that I haven’t been able to fit a session in. Now I’m becoming more mindful about my body use, Tai Chi moves apply everywhere, my partner is getting used to discovering me ‘in the zone and on task’ as he describes it (it was a good job he was on hand to remind me I would be moving forward the day I practised on the edge of Glebe Cliffs) and it’s the best way to empty a crowded sauna that I know!

So, here I am arriving home; calm, happy and at peace with the find the beginnings of a boundary dispute with the neighbours, life eh!? Engage my learning...

May you all be ‘as rooted as a tree, as balanced as a cat, as powerful as a surging wave and as free as a soaring eagle’ (read that somewhere, no idea where),

                                       Jinny x   
Wishing you all Patient Growth.