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Flowing in Movement

posted 31 Jan 2019, 10:11 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 30 Mar 2019, 03:03 ]
 Qigong (pronounced chee gong) is an ancient and comprehensive mind/body system similar to Taiji and sharing many of the same benefits but is simpler and easier to learn. It is the sibling of Taiji and they complement each other wonderfully. Qi means ‘breath’, and by extension it also denotes ‘energy’ and ‘vitality’. Gong is a general term meaning ‘work’, and is used in reference to any technique or skill that requires time and effort, patience and practice. It is an ancient exercise that helps revitalise your energy by practising gentle movements with deep breathing and mental focus (intention) to really help your root energy, your overall state of health and allowing your body to heal itself. It is based on good qi or energy circulation and the idea that when our energy is blocked that is when we feel sick, we don’t heal, we feel unwell and we cannot think clearly. So getting our ‘qi’ to move is the most important aspect of qigong practice. Most forms for qigong involve various degrees of gentle movement or stillness of the body, balanced with rhythmically regulated breathing, all quietly harmonized by a calm, unhurried and clearly focused mind. Soft, slow movement of the body prevents stiffness and stagnation.
‘Flowing water never stagnates, and the hinges of an active door never rust.
This is due to movement. The same principle applies to essence and energy. 
If the body does not move, essence does not flow.
When essence does not flow energy stagnates’ 
(Confucius 551BC-479BC

 As well as learning the Taiji basics and form, the classes are now focusing on going through some Qigong routines which may possibly lead on to a Qigong workshop this year-I am putting it out there so we will see! We have three workshops with Ben Milton to look forward to-23rd March, 15th June and 2nd November. A trial run of offering a morning only option will hopefully enable more people to come who cannot manage all day. As always, I am endeavouring to keep these workshops affordable for everyone so you all have an opportunity to experience Ben’s extensive knowledge and understanding of Taiji.

It is great to be back together again after the seasonal break and to see the enthusiasm has not waned. A very warm welcome to all the new people taking their first steps on the Taiji journey-keep with it and remember it is a journey that never ends!

Imbolc blessings to you all