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Finding the Stillness Within

posted 26 Nov 2016, 10:20 by WestDevon Tai Chi   [ updated 26 Nov 2016, 10:21 ]
It has been a fulfilling year for West Devon Tai Chi with the Tuesday evening and Friday morning classes continuing to flourish. The Lydford group has steadily grown over the weeks and it was nice to hear someone say how lovely it was to have a tai chi class there.

Having done a couple of workshops myself through the year it was fabulous to see so many attend the workshop on the 5th November hosted by my teacher and mentor, Ben Milton, Bristol School of Tai Chi. Having studied and practised the Chinese Internal Martial Arts for nearly 40 years I knew it would be an inspiring day for us all. Although I passed on a small insight of how Ben’s teaching would be, no one really knew what to expect. His balance of theory and practical was excellent, and explained in an understandable and simple way. It was a real learning curve for me as my role of instructor and a time for reflection of how to pass on, and share with others, the many levels of Tai Chi. The feedback was very positive and we look forward to Ben coming back twice next year, 25th March and 4th November, for more inspiring words and teaching.

It has been said to me on many occasions that it is wonderful that I share my hobby with others. This always makes me smile and my reply is always the same, “It is not a hobby, it is a way of life”. In Tai Chi we look to keep the mind and body balanced, and to let it overflow into our daily lives so we can stay calm and centred with all of all the changes and challenges that life presents. The chatter monkey mind of the ego never wants to stop, so to find a path in your life that allows the spirit mind to balance out, or even overcome, the ego is truly a wonderful thing. Staying balanced and relaxed are not only the requirements of learning Tai Chi but are also inseparable from health and happiness in life. 

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the dedication and support of turning up every week to share Tai Chi with me. May you all find the stillness within.

 I wish you all a peaceful and nourishing winter.